Get your own car design into GRIP!

Get your own car design into GRIP!

PNG with alpha:

You guys love customizing cars in GRIP. Well, we decided to take it to the next level and allow you to inject your very own custom car design for the Nyvoss Mirage into GRIP ;)

Use this Nyvoss Mirage template to create be a completely custom paint job, like for example what we've done for the recent Streamers Connected skin. Paint any design, any colour, and even some kind of logo if you like as long as it's your own creation.

EDIT: Here's a link to a package containing the car's mesh and relevant textures in a PSD. Should make paint design creation much easier for people who are skilled in graphics software

No eggplants or similarly inappropriate imagery, if ya get my drift.

Post your custom car on any of our social media pages and include the tag #MYGRIP

The winner will be voted by the community. Now let's see some cool cars!

PS. Top 10 submissions get an extra Steam key for the game ;)

Karl Patton