The Summer Of Combat Is Here

We've just announced the Summer of Combat campaign, sure to make the summer sizzle even hotter!

GRIP’s Summer of Combat will include:

New Artifex vehicle manufacturer containing 3 new Airblade and Roller vehicles (DLC)

Two free new tracks and a new arena

New garage cosmetic packs to further customise your vehicles (DLC)

New retro car DLC pack

… and a to-be-revealed new car, inspired by an 80’s classic

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Anti-Grav vs. Wheeled Cars - The Ultimate Combat Racer

Oh yes, this update brings you 15 formidable new vehicles taken from those that you already know and love and fused them together with anti-gravity technology.

Carefully engineered to be strong competition against their ground-based brethren, these vehicles offer a fantastic new racing experience exclusive to GRIP. Not quite Rollcage, not quite Wipeout, but an amazing new hybrid that will set the whole genre on fire.

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