The Summer Of Combat Is Here

We've just announced the Summer of Combat campaign, sure to make the summer sizzle even hotter!

Kicking off on July 4th, with an Xbox Free Play Weekend (details below!) and then heading towards the beach with 3 months worth of new content, the Summer of Combat will bring even more explosions to GRIP!

Watch the reveal trailer now!

GRIP’s Summer of Combat will include:

New Artifex vehicle manufacturer containing 3 new Airblade and Roller vehicles (DLC)

Two free new tracks and a new arena

New garage cosmetic packs to further customise your vehicles (DLC)

New retro car DLC pack

… and a to-be-revealed new car, inspired by an 80’s classic

Powered by Unreal® Engine 4, GRIP: Combat Racing was first released in 2018. Since its launch, Developer Caged Element have released six free tracks, created battle lines with Red Vs Blue team modes and in May 2019, dropped the game changing update ‘AirBlades’ – which introduced anti-grav racers to the track for adrenaline pounding wheel-to-wing action, flipping the title on its head in a first for the genre!

GRIP: Combat Racing can be purchased now for consoles and PC – digitally on Steam, the PlayStation™ Store, Xbox Games Store, Nintendo Switch or physically, upright or upside-down at global retail.

In addition to its digital release on Xbox One, GRIP: Combat Racing is available through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, bringing the title to Xbox players around the world.