Better missiles, LAN support, DSR support + more!

Better missiles, LAN support, DSR support + more!

We wanted to push out a PC update before people head into the holiday break, so here it is. Bunch of fixes in this one as well, just have a look below:

  • Dynamic announcements on the main menu for Caged Element communicating with players.

  • Latest Japanese, Polish and Hungarian localisation.

  • Bug fix to apply default colour schemes to new vehicles.

  • Bug fix for the AI bot catchup calculations in MP games.

  • Bug fixes for creating LAN games.

  • Bug fixes for joining a LAN game.

  • Bug fix for vehicle velocity prediction calculations which improve missile targeting when the target is maneuvering hard.

  • Improvements to missile movement handling to have them avoid the floor much more often at the launch phase.

  • Improvements to the game options UI presentation, ordering them by whether they're enabled or not, especially in the MP lobby.

  • Difficulty level and engine power now can't be voted upon in MP games and are set by the game creator.

  • Maximum game time and maximum kill count for arena mode are now averaged in votes for MP games.

  • Electrical sounds volume is now set correctly.

  • Bug fix for playing previous/next music tracks to avoid playing tracks the player has deselected.

  • Added a Discord option to MP menu.

  • Allowed super-wide screen resolutions on PC which should allow Surround for two monitors on Nvidia hardware.

  • Track improvements to Yuri Industrial, Thermophobia, Sprawl, District 404, Transport, Signal Static, Rust.

  • Bug fix for sampling music tracks in the Settings menu when in the main menu.

  • Increased the resolution scale maximum to 200% in the Graphics Settings menu to help with DSR.

  • Bug fix for boss battles where slo mo camera is now switched off at the moment a race starts and when a game ends to try to prevent issues encountered by some players.

  • Bug fix for the update of players tournament status in the MP game lobby.

  • Bug fix to disable players from joining tournaments once they have started, regardless of whether they know the private game name or not.

  • Bug fix for human-controlled Raptor not targeting off-angle vehicles.


We're happy to see so many people having fun with the game! If you're itching for some multiplayer action, be sure to jump onto our Discord as it's a great place to connect with other players. There's even a list on the right side indicating which members are playing GRIP at any given moment.

We hope you'll enjoy what's coming next with GRIP. We've got a bunch of DLC planned, including free racetracks, new cars and parts, plus some surprises along the way. Stay tuned... and revved. And locked n' loaded. All that stuff.

We also hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate. :)

Karl Patton