Planet Liddo 5

Liddo 5

A sphere enveloped by green alien plant-life and peppered with once pristinely kept but now mostly abandoned resource and research facilities, this landscape is both alive and desolate.  Some of GRIP's fastest tracks are located here.

Planet Jahtra


Mostly made up of blistering desert, this arid but resource rich location quickly showed itself to be ideal for GRIP's show-downs. With its massive surface size, access to an abundance of fuel and the ability to drop track sections in and out with ease, Jahtra quickly became a prime racing location.

Planet Norvos


Once a highly utilised military installation that strategically bordered an opposing planet, this cold, barren landscape became just too hostile for habitation. Spikes of rock and ice jut out from the planet's hardened crust, and brutal storms mercilessly ravage the surface without end. A molten core and forgotten defense turrets certainly make Norvos' locations interesting.

Planet Orbital Prime

Orbital Prime

This planet is one big city, devoid of vegetation or wildlife and ripe with man-made infrastructure. What it lacks in natural colour, it makes up for with its bright lights and flashy advertisements. Orbital Prime is mostly a seedy, corrupt place and would make the perfect spot to drop a race if it weren't for the affluent oligarchs running the show with the local militia rewarded well to assert their will.

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